Chosing your Arabic First Dance Song

Arabic First Dance
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Picking The Perfect Arabic First Dance Song

Choosing an arabic first dance song is arguably one of the most thought consuming items on your wedding preparation checklist. After all, it is this one song that should express every feeling you have for your loved one as you take your first steps together on the dance floor and into your new life together, not to mention, this one song is the opening act of the most important night of your life, setting the wedding’s mood and crafting the guests’ first impressions. From Arabic modern classics that are sure to bring tears to your family’s eyes to freshly released hits that will have your friends singing along, the following list of recommendations will guide you to a first dance song that is not only romantic, but that works perfectly for you.

Modern Classics

Sticking to modern classics is a no fail choice. These Arabic songs have been around for years, so you will know them by heart and you will move easily to their familiar tunes. Your family and friends will probably be familiar with these songs as well, and that will make it easy for them to get into the wedding’s mood.

Ahla Dounya
Amr Diab
We Maloh
Amr Diab
Sadakny Khalas
Amr Diab
Youm Mat’blena


Saber El Rebai
Athada El Aalam
Samo Zaen
Bahlam Beek
Hesham Abbas
Gowa Fe Alby
Tamer Hosny
Allah Yabrakely Feek


Just Out

Choosing a new Arabic release for the first dance makes a statement. It says you are musically updated and that you are not afraid to take a risk. Some brides and grooms shy away from new songs in fear that the guests will not be able to relate. You should think, however, of how the guests would feel when a catchy soft tune flutters by their ears getting their attention, instead of having to see you dance to the same song they have heard once and again in other weddings. Also, because you are probably the first couple they see to dance to that song, it will be known as ‘the song from your wedding’.

60 De’ei’a Hayah
Sanda Aleik
Nancy Ajram
Men El Yawm
Ma Baaref
Assala Angham nancy cover.400x400-75


Hamaki & Donia
Awel Marra
Amal Maher
Ana Habbitak
Rouwaida Attieh
First Dance
Leilet Omr
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Wael Kfoury & Yara
Be Eyouny
Nassif Zeytoun
Nami Aa Sadri
Samo & Kenza
Qissit Hob
Zeezee Adel
Baheb Kol Haga Fey
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The Most Romantic

First dances are all about romance. These Arabic songs have lyrics that will tackle your hearts, and leave your audience with teary eyes. The lyrics to this group of songs are so powerful. The reason behind this, is most of these songs are not just about being love, but about spending your life together and some are actually about your wedding itself.

Aa Bali Habibi
Enkatably Omr
Kolly Melkak
Nancy Ajram
Wana Bein Eideik
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Esmaa Kalami
Bain Eidaik
Abd Elfatah Greeny
Ganbak Aala Tol
Amr Moustafa
Janat wedding song Assala first dance song 400x400bb (2) 400x400bb (3)


Hany Adel
Ramy Sabry
Bahes Bee
Tamer Hosny
Rabih Baroud
Awel Forsa
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The One Off…

Sometimes, a romantic Arabic slow song is not what you’re looking for. You want something different. This section is for you. If you’re confident in your dancing skills, you may consider a song like Amr Diab, El Leila Dey. If you and you’re fiance are Latin dance fanatics, but you still want an arabic song, Nawal Al Zoughby, Tool Omri is a great option. If Latin is not your style, what about a ballroom style waltz? Laila Murad, Alby Daleelee is a great option. Last but definitely not least, is Wael Kfoury, Low Hobna Ghalta. This song is a perfect choice for couples who really had to fight for each other. Perhaps they come from different backgrounds or religions and the families didn’t approve, this song will speak to your heart and most likely bring your guests to tears, reminding them that love conquers all.

Amr Diab
El Leila Dey
Nawal ElZoughby
Tool Omry
Laila Mourad
Alby Dallallee
Wael Kfoury
Low Hobna Ghalta
Amr Diab - Sadakny Khalas download (1) Leila_Mourad_3 $(KGrHqZHJBoE8f!SyycBBPIKSPmzug--60_35

Hopefully, the above detailed guide was able to help you choose your dream Arabic first dance song. Our last piece of advice is to choose an Arabic song that will be memorable and that relates to your relationship and the time you spent together. If you’re lucky enough to have a song that you call your own, then that’s usually the way to go.