Sherine is Retiring?


Although it seemed that Sherine’s domination over music industry would last for decades, the singer made a decision that shocked everyone – she decided to retire. The story about the sudden retirement of Egyptian pop princess was first revealed by the big publication, Zahart Al Khaleej. The publication backed up the shocking news by sharing an audio clip where the popular singer reveals she’s about to retire from the music industry. By the looks of it, Sherine won’t take a break and return to the spotlight. The singer, actress, and the Voice judge plans to leave the music industry for good.

Sherine’s decision to retire from the music world and back out of limelight has shocked everyone. News of retirement raised numerous questions and the most important one is: why?

As always, press and media, fans and general public have their own views of this situation and there are numerous theories. According to media, the singer’s early retirement comes as the consequence of strong critics of her fans and public towards her statements about art and the politics. On the other hand, there are also claims that divorce and status of a single mother have taken their toll on the star. Being a single mother is a tough job by itself and since the talented singer didn’t show signs of stopping after releasing singles and albums, judging and acting, it is safe to conclude stress was too much to take.

Sherine has one of the most beautiful Egyptian voice has been in the music industry for more than 16 years, infact she was referred to many times as the “modern day Oum Kalthoum”. During this period, Sherine has released numerous hits, became an Egyptian pop princess and the well deserved the title of one of the best female vocalists in the middle east. The pop star explored other aspects of the entertainment industry such as acting and participating in MBC the Voice as the judge.

Although real reason for early and unexpected retirement isn’t known just yet, we can only speculate. Until Sherine releases the official statement, we can only hope she’s just taking a break as Egyptian entertainment industry would lose its number one diva.