New Songs for Mother’s Day 2015 !


Living in Canada makes it a bit challenging to remember when the “Arabic Mother’s Day” is. However, you will slowly see the shift in the media presented on the Arabic satellite channels, with more programs and songs about moms and some heart warming clips from movies. You will also notice that “Sit El Habayeb” by Fayza Ahmad is being played about 10 times a day.

Then, all your friends on Facebook that live in the middle east will start to put up pictures of them with their Mom and write really long messages in Arabic underneath that you don’t know how to read. That’s when you know its time to run to the store and grab your Mama some flowers and wish her a Happy Mother’s day, and of course you have to say it in Arabic to make her feel more special (“Kol Sana Wenty Tayeba Ya Oummy”). Because she didn’t expect you to remember, she will be more than happy that you did. And you can expect your favorite dinner dish in the next couple of days to follow, you know the one that takes hours of prep work and no one does it quite like her!

You may also want to post a nice mother’s day song on your Facebook timeline and dedicate it to your mom or just pick the perfect song to play for her. But instead of posting the typical ones that we see each year, here are 5 brand new “Mother’s Day” Arabic videos that just came out in the last 2 weeks of March 2015.



#1. Naji Osta – “Eh Naam” (Yes, It’s True)

I was so surprised when the track started with “Yes, its true… I love her more than I love you”, while talking to his wife. He then goes to describe the relationship he has with his mother and you start to understand the concept of the tack. One thing I love about this track is when he reminds his wife, “Remember she is the one who came with me to ask for your hand in marriage, and she said ‘Naji she is beautiful’ “. This is probably my favorite new Mother’s Day song from 2015.


#2. Yasmine Niazy – “Taam Elherouf” (The Taste Of the Letters)

The name of this song really loses its context when directly translating to English.  What she is basically saying is, how sweet it is to say the words “Ya Ommy” (My Mom). And she goes on to describe the beautiful things about a mom, including the selfless giving and the endless affection. I am personally a huge fan of Yasmine’s voice. Its so soothing and just the perfect tone for me, so I was really happy to see her put together such a beautiful song for Mother’s Day.


#3. Carole Samaha – “Habibet Ommah” (Mama’s Love)

In this video, Carole Samaha is singing a classic from the late, Sabah. This video is from “Al Shahroura” series which is about Sabah’s life. This song is more so a song that a mom would sing to her little daughter as opposed to a song that you would dedicate to your mom. So for all you new moms out there, if you want to post a song on your Facebook or Twitter, and dedicate it to your baby daughter, this would be perfect.


#4. Saif Magdy, Mirna & Hooda Bondo – “Misa El Fol” (Good Evening)

If your Mom is one of those moms that’s either young or young at heart, this might be the track to play for her this Mother’s Day! Put it on, crank it up, pull her off the couch and spin her around a couple of times and you and mama bust a few moves together…If you don’t know how to dance, let her dance, clap along to the music and keep saying “Aywa Keda!” I personally really like this very playful and upbeat track with great lyrics to go along with it, from this young generation of singers.


#5. Yara – “Ya Awal Wladi” (My First Son)

Are you a proud new mom of a beautiful baby boy? If so, this song would be a beautiful song to dedicate to your son, this Mother’s Day. Yara wrote this song for her son Karl, and you can see from the video that its a very personal track. The lyrics and Yara’s voice make this song so beautiful.