ISIS Themed Wedding?!?!

It’s your big night ladies! This is that magical night that you have been dreaming of ever since you were a little girl. A masked man with a huge army knife leads you and your husband, from the head table, across the dance floor to a cage, and then… ummm… What? You start thinking to yourself that this is not really what you envisioned your wedding to be like! Lets hope you don’t get beheaded or burned alive in front of your family and friends because then the wedding would end pretty early, and that’s embarrassing!

This Egyptian couple’s ISIS themed wedding has provoked a lot of controversy. Especially the mimicking of the cage that was reminiscent of the one used to burn the Jordanian pilot that ISIS had held captive. Of course, this whole idea was the grooms idea and the future Mrs. had no idea what he had planned.

He wanted something different, something people would remember. Well, the whole world is talking about your wedding now… Mission Accomplished! Maybe we will see more of these weddings in the future? Maybe a wedding where the groom will come in with a swastika embroidered on his tux and then party with his guests in mimicked gas chambers!

Watch the video here.