Nancy Ajram’s shemale look-alike is Pregnant!

Courtesy of Albawaba

Courtesy of Albawaba

Well, its no secret that Nancy Ajram has a shemale lookalike, Hisham Alrashed. He has recently resurfaced with a tweet that defies everything we learned in biology class, He’s pregnant! Yes… you read that correctly. Going with Twitter handle @DivaaVictoria, he tweeted his big news.


Ofcourse, this triggered a massive amount of outrage and ridicule from social media users, primarily in the middle east. Everything from questioning who the father is, to just trashing the guy. #Hisham_Alrashed_Pregnant

Hisham is of Syrian decent, but resided in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for quite sometime and was known localled as “The Nancy of Riaydh”. He went through numerous amounts of operations and plastic surgery. There are also rumors that he had a sex change.

Personally, I love Nancy. Her first few albums were bangers and are pretty much classics now! I mean you can play any 6 out of the 11 tracks on “Ah W Nos”  and you had the dance floor pumped! I think its not only Nancy’s talents, but also her persona and image. She carries herself with a huge amount of class.

It’s also very refreshing to see a female Arab singer, being a good role model for young girls. And of course, this must be very rewarding to her as an artist and as a mother, to know that there are Arabic girls all over the world that want to be just like her. I wonder how she feels about middle aged Arabic men, wanting to look just like her…just a bit creepy!


Nancy has never publicly commented about Hisham Al Rashed, but knowing what a classy diva she is, I am pretty sure she would just keep her comments to herself.