Bryan Adams Says He WILL Return to Egypt Despite Guitar Vandalism

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Even though Bryan Adams didn’t have the most pleasant experience with Egyptian customs he promised to come back and stated he loves the country that made him and his crew feel like home. Which is what Egyptians are well known for.

In case you somehow missed the entire saga that included Bryan Adams and his guitar, the singer was left fuming when a Cairo border agent wrote a number and Arabic word on his vintage instrument with green ink. The Grammy award-winning musician arrived to Egypt for a special concert at the well-known Giza pyramids held on March 8. However, this wonderful occasion didn’t have a smooth start.

The famous singer stated that his problems with customs started upon his arrival at the airport. He posted a Facebook status where he explained that they barely managed to get the instruments into the country and when they finally managed to solve their problem, instruments were ruined with ink. The Please Forgive Me singer also expressed his disappointment for lack of apologies or explanations for the incident.

Airport customs graffiti on my 1946 Martin D-18 in Cairo, Egypt. Back to the luthier… #bryanadamsgetup

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Seems like the Canadian singer has had bad luck when it comes to customs and his instruments because he had the same experience in 2015 when Air Canada staff used a black marker to write on his guitar.

Adams described the unfortunate event with green ink in Egypt as vandalism. He pointed out that systems they use to mark instruments can only be defined as an act of vandalism and asked border agents to come up with a better system that doesn’t ruin the instruments and their value. What adds to this whole debacle, is that his guitar was a 1946 Martin D-18. This vintage guitar is extremely hard to find and replace.

Despite the problems that Bryan Adams and his band had with the instruments, the singer expressed his gratitude and love towards the country and promised he’ll be back. In a lengthy Facebook status dedicated to Egyptian fans, Adams also wrote: “I want you all to know that I love your country and we had an amazing time there, we felt at home…Much love to you all and look forward to bringing my family to visit you one day soon.”

56-year-old singer is currently on a world tour where he’s promoting his latest Get Up album which features songs such as You Belong to Me, We Did It All, etc.