“He is the best Arabic DJ in North America” is a statement that has been used many times by Johnny’s fans and other Arabic DJs to sum up his DJ abilities.

Originally born in Cairo, Egypt but later moved to Toronto, Canada at the age of 8. Growing up he was heavily inspired by Hip Hop & RnB music, however he still held on to his love for his native music, Arabic. After DJing his first basement party at the age of 16, he decided he wanted to be an Arabic/English Mash up DJ and the rest was history.

Today, Johnny resides in Alberta, Canada and is one of the most sought after Arabic DJ’s in North America. He has performed in over 30 different cities across Canada and the US and has acquired fans all over the world. His unique blend of perfectly crafted English/Arabic mixes and his extremely high energy level behind the DJ booth and on the microphone during his live performances, have made Johnny Mazeeka who he is today, a spectacular performer.

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    • This is what happens when you don't sleep for a few days. @okawiortega_official... djing at @mazajedmonton tonight!

    • It's crazy to think that the best #djadvice I ever got, had nothing to do with #Djing. Tag someone who needs the motivation right now, someone who wants to share their art with the world but is afraid of being criticized. Remind them that the #art they make, as long as it's beautiful to them, has fullfilled it's purpose. The opinion of other's doesn't matter. #lifelesson
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