Amr Diab’s Love Letter to the City of Cairo


Amr Diab is a musician with an illustrious career of over 30 years. He is celebrated for his heartbreaking love songs and incredibly versatile voice that is able to convey emotions in the most profound way. Diab is also known for mixing the Arabic sounds with Jazz and Latino instruments and music, which gives his songs a special flavor and unique contemporary feel.

As you probably know by now Amr Diab dropped his latest single called Al – Qahira.

Amr Diab’s Al – Qahira has been shrouded in a veil of secrecy for quite some time now. Teaser for his new song was released sometime in November of 2015. Later, by the end of November, Amr Diab shared close and friendly moments of himself and Mohamed Mounir on his Facebook page. It was obvious that the two most well-known Arabic musicians were up to something. A collaboration between two artisans was hanging in the air, giving their fans a great reason to be excited. Fans indeed responded with praise and admiration, overflowing Diab’s social media accounts.

Not so long ago, in January this year, we were given a teaser for the music video for the Al – Qahira.
Amr Diab’s new song Al – Qahira proves to be a slightly different type of love song, a love letter to Cairo to be precise, one of the most recognized cities in the world. This is where the guessing about the partnership between Diab and Mounir ends. Al – Qahira, a prelude for Diab’s upcoming album, is a first official collaboration between the two musicians. By the looks of the new music video, it was worth the wait.

Already, the video for Al -Qahira is a huge success. Cairo’s gorgeous panoramic views infused with gilded colors of the day and blue shades of the night play a prominent part in the video, complementing the artistic black and white fragments of Mounir’s presence in the clip. The fans simply love it.

Seeing Diab and Mounir singing together and shaking hands like brothers at the end of the video is a pure delight. Something we all hope to see more often.